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Dirt Rag Magazine – 25th Anniversary Issue – Bikes & Craft Beer

Mar 27, 2014


As someone interested in mountain biking and reading this magazine, it’s a safe bet that sometime today, you popped open Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and saw at least one image or post of some riding buddies posing unclipped from their bikes, holding aloft a few bottles or cans of fine beer.  While it’s quite a ubiquitous scene that might seem cliché to some people, there’s no denying the relationship between craft beers and mountain biking is a strong…and delicious…one.


Oskar Blues Brewery recently opened the CyclHOPS Bike CANtina in Longmont, Colorado.  CyclHOPS is a busy taco and tequila sit-down restaurant that also houses a full-service bike shop and retail base for the Oskar Blues brand of mountain bikes known as REEB Cycles.


Dale Katechis started REEB Cycles in 2011 after his bike was stolen.  Offering at least four dirt-specific handmade steel or titanium bicycles, the REEB brand is no marketing gimmick hack.  Hand-welded by Chris “Soultrain” Sulfrian, REEB Cycles are high-end frames that manifest the independent & innovative spirit running through Oskar Blues at a micro level as well as all of the mountain biking and brewing on a macro level.


“There is a commonality and an adventurous spirit that inspired people to follow their soul to a place that fits.  That adventurous spirit brings people together in general.  It’s not a marketing plan.  It’s not a business plan.  We live it.  People are drawn to that passion,” explains Chad Melis, marketing guy for Oskar Blues Brewery.


PHOTOS:  Yann Photo Video  http://www.yannphotovideo.com/


2014 NAHBS Bike #4 – SFPinion+

Mar 12, 2014

The SFPinion + was designed and hand welded by REEB welder Chris Sulfrian in Longmont, ColoRADo, just a stone’s throw away from Oskar Blues Brewery. Working with Pinion, we created a bike that has the tire clearance for the 29+ platform & is a very capable 18-speed trail bike. We build each bike to be ridden and this Gates Carbon Drive & Pinion P1.18 geared project is no different.   We use a stout 44mm Paragon Machine Works  Headtube with a unique hand mounted REEB Head Badge in tandem with the Whiskey No.9 CARBON Fork to create a stable front end.  The Frame is Gates Carbon Drive compatible and the Paragon Machine Works dropouts round out the high quality build.  #REEBpinion

2014 NAHBS Bike #3 – The Sam’s Pants Alfine Di2

Mar 11, 2014

The Sam’s Pants Alfine Di2 bike continues our theme of alternative drive train bikes. Featuring an all-electric shifting system coupled with the Gates Carbon Drive belt system, this bike is made to be dead reliable & a fast ass commuter while also being incredibly low maintenance. The #NAHBS14 version is a slightly adjusted frame to encompass the Alfine Di2 design.  It’s a sleek build based on our Sam’s Pants gravel grinder model but still able to house a 32mm tire.  Designed and welded by REEB’s man behind the stick, Chris Sulfrian, just a stone’s throw from Oskar Blues Brewery in Longmont, ColoRADo.  The Frame is made with Chris’s choice of  True Temper OX Platinum tubing, along with Paragon Machine Works bits which means it’s 100% American Made.   We use a stout 44mm Paragon Head tube with a REEB Head Badge to house the stiff & light front end.

2014 NAHBS Bike #2 – Destroyer 650B DJ

Mar 11, 2014

The need to soak up large rollers & still boost lip to berm transitions at the Oskar Blues Hops & Heifers Farm created REEB’s first 650B bike.   The Destroyer’s short chainstays create the quick & flickable rear end while the DJ inspired tubeset gives you confidence to huck ze gnar.   The Frame is welded locally by Chris “Soultrain” Sulfrian with True Temper OX Platinum tubing, which means it’s 100% American Made.   We use a stout 44mm Paragon Head tube with a unique hand mounted REEB Head Badge.  The Frame is Gates Carbon Drive compatible, the Paragon Machine Works dropouts keep everything 100% American and allows derailleur hanger options along with standard quick release or 12mm X 142mm rear axle.  The new MRP Stage Fork takes care of the front end on this CYCLHOPS Bike CANtina inspired green 650B DJer.

2014 NAHBS Bike #1 – TyREEB

Mar 10, 2014

TyREEB uses the same capable trail rig geometry as our steel SFP frames, in Titanium.  The Original REEB designed to hammer out the technical & steep terrain in the hills surrounding our home in Lyons ColoRADo, USA.  The hand welded TyREEB uses a stout 44mm Paragon Head tube mounted with the unique REEB Head Badge.  The Paragon dropouts keep the frame Gates Carbon Drive compatible and allows derailleur hanger options along with standard quick release or 12mm X 142mm rear axle.

The #NAHBS14 Raw #TyREEB features a Dale’s Pale Ale inspired vibe highlighted with Chris’s handmade titanium stem,   Custom laced Industry Nine Enduro 29er Wheels, New for 2014 MRP 140mm Stage Fork with a 15mm axle and tapered steerer, and Gates Carbon Drive Center Track drivetrain.  Come see us at booth #320 at NAHBS this year.

A mtbr member REEB Review

Feb 25, 2014


All Mountain Reeb First Ride Impressions / Review

I’ve been on MTBR for a long time and don’t really post much. I just use it for info when I am bike shopping, or need inspiration to go ride. I just got an All Mountain Reeb and feel like it is necessary to do a quick and dirty review on this bike because it is truly amazing (especially for a person who likes do go down hill fast). I’ve had a Spot Longboard (rigid), and a Niner Air9 Carbon – both SS. This thing blows the doors off of them. All Mountain Reeb First Ride Impressions / Review-img_3318.jpg All Mountain Reeb First Ride Impressions / Review-img_3317.jpg All Mountain Reeb First Ride Impressions / Review-img_3319.jpg

Build: XT Cranks (32/21 chain drive) XT Brakes 180/160 Erikson Ti Post Specialized Alias Ti Seat Specialized Roval Carbon XC Wheels (Butcher 2.3 and Ground Control 2.3) Easton 720mm Carbon Riser bars (1″) RockShox Revelation 140/110 with hydro lockout

Downhill: Might as well start with this. It is pretty apparent that this bike was designed with descending in mind. The Reeb is built to go down hills quickly. It’s smooth and has flow. It’s got that type of flow that you cannot put a finger on, but wants to make you open it up even more. I rode it on some mellow, tight, semi technical single track, and plowed over things that I would often slow down for on my carbon Niner. I think I owe that to 140mm of plush travel combined with a slack head tube and geo that puts your ass right on or behind your seat. I can’t wait to take this bike on the Monarch Crest this summer  – I think those trails are this bikes sweet spot. Moderately technical DH with some flow to it. Get a 140mm fork on this bike – it still climbs well, and will force you to have a bike gasm every time you ride down a hill. You may even want to look at 34mm forks – the bike can handle it for sure. The carbon wheels are a first for me. Wow. They carve like shaped ski’s. Stiff.

Climbing: If you have the dough, get this bike with carbon wheels. With a slacker head tube, the lighter rotational weight, and added stiffness really helps on steep pitchy climbs. This bike is not a carbon Niner SS, and is not pretending to be one. It climbed just fine on technical pitches with rocks and off camber angles. Out of the saddle climbing felt just as good as the Niner. In fact, with the center of your weight right over the rear wheel (slack geo) the rear tire will stick to grease on a dinner plate. Again – I get the feeling that this bike was built to climb hills so it could fly down them.

Ride quality:This bike has a soul, and you can feel it from the first second that you hop on it. A lot of hand built OS X or Ti bikes obviously have that feel – but the Reeb especially does (my Niner did not have that “feel”). It is supple, stiff, and light. I have been riding carbon bikes for a few years now, and I forgot how good and refreshing steel feels. The welds are also raw and dead sexy. Chris sure can weld. Overall:This is hands down the best bike that I have ever owned. The only thing that I may ever change, is getting some All Mountain wheels that are a little bit wider, so the tires would have more contact patch. I would also get hubs that have better engagement than what is on the Roval’s. I also wonder what a 34mm for would do for overall stiffness instead of the 32mm Revelation. Those are tiny hairs to split though – Wish I got the belt drive too – would be even smoother on the trail…

Also wanted to throw out a shout to Scot Banks at Absolute Bikes. The man knows how to build a 2 wheeled machine. If you ever find yourself in or near Salida, CO – and need a tune up, or someone to build up a bike, Scot knows his shit.

11Nine Fatbike Suspension Fork Overhaul

Jan 08, 2014

What do we do when we get fun new components at REEB  Cycles?  Generally, we ride the shit out of them and see how they hold up.  When it comes to suspension, we try to do a little more preventative maintenance though.


So, I found myself tearing into my 11nine LuLu fat bike fork over a Dale’s Pale Ale & Queens of the Stone Age.  This thing is relatively new and I’m not sure anyone has written a service guide for it just yet.  But, I’ve been taking things apart since I could hold a screw driver and have never been one to shy away from unknown internal parts.


The fork has provided just what I had hoped it would….a fat bike that is still fun to smash through the rocks and roots on.  And, It’s bailed me out of a few missed lines and potential crashes.


All that said, the damping on the fork is too heavy for my liking, so an oil change was in order.  Working carefully with  mechanic Todd Buck at our new CyclHOPS #BikeCANtina location, we started loosening top caps and set screws.


Sure enough, we managed to get the damper cartridge out unscathed.  It’s a simple unit really, with a rubber bladder for oil displacement and adjustable spring loaded needle valves for compression and rebound circuits.  Something like other cartridge dampers in higher end forks these days.

image(6) image(7)

The damper oil contained in a cartridge is relatively safe from contamination from the elements. But, the damper doesn’t hold a large volume of oil compared to an open bath system, so breakdown of the oil properties would likely cause a noticeable decrease in performance.image(8) image(9) image(10)

After inspecting and scrutinizing, I determined that lighter 5 wt oil should do the trick, so we reassembled the fork and gave er the old push test.  The damper feels better, but 2.5 wt may be in order to get the damping where I like it.  Only riding will tell for sure though, so I’m off to go ride. Redstone Cyclery TNR should give it hell, stay tuned for more deets.


Tim schrelping the newly tuned 11Nine Suspension Fork on the January 7th Redstone Cyclery Tuesday Night Ride via the South St. Vrain Trail. Catch more ride images via YannPhotoVideo HERE.  Yep, that’s fresh snow on his entire right side….hhmmm.





Fatbike Enduro

Jan 03, 2014

1/4/2013 – Fatbike Enduro – Redstone Cyclery / REEB Cycles / Frontrange Underground Cycling Klub – ers.


We’ve been talking about this for a while and the time is now. Sort of. Inaugural nighttime Fatbike Enduro is this Sat (1/4/2013) at Peaceful Valley. Meet at 4ish at PV, figure out logistics, and race/ride by 5pm.


Gonna head up early with pallets for a fire, grill, beer, burgers & brats and pork n beans….bring a bit o food for the grill.


FREE TIMED EVENT – Figure 8 course of up the road to Camp Dick, down the st to Sourdough, south on SD to Beaver Red Rd, then timed descent from Coney Flats cutoff back to the start.


2 Winners Named for men & women if the ladies show up.

  1. Overall XC Race Timed full course
  2. Enduro Winner – Top of Coney Flats Connector Trail to the finish line